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Opening for emergency treatment
29 May 2020
Front of Wigginton Dental Practice with business sign in garden
Lockdown Update
1 November 2020
Front of Wigginton Dental Practice with business sign in garden

We’ve been pretty quiet on the news front since opening but it’s not because nothing is happening!  Following the period of reduced dental service during national lockdown, we’ve been offering a full dental service for four months now, including regular dental checkups, hygienist visits and a full range of routine treatments, as well as treatment of dental problems.  We’ve been working flat out, including extra sessions and weekends, to make sure anyone waiting for treatment or a postponed appointment got caught up as soon as possible.  We’re pretty much there, so if you still have a postponed appointment you’d like to reschedule, or are due a visit then please do get in touch and we can arrange it.

With Covid19 have come some additional regulations and procedures for dental practice, particularly around extra cleaning and decontamination measures.  In order to create the time to follow these requirements while still providing a full range of dental services we are having to manage our appointment diary carefully and in a more restricted way.  This may mean that you have to book a few weeks ahead for an appointment should you need non-urgent treatment, and your choice of times is a little more restricted than before.  We’d like to thank everyone for their understanding with these changes – it is by doing this that we have been able to continue to offer a full dental service to our patients for the last several months.  It remains the case that the experience of visiting the dentist will continue to be a little different to pre-Covid times.  You can find a guide to how your dental visit will work here.

The country is currently experiencing an increase in coronavirus cases and this has resulted in a change to the COVID Alert Status from level 3 to level 4. Some people have asked us how this affects the provision of dentistry, and whether another period of restrictions to dental services is likely.  The current guidance is to continue operating normally and, reassuringly, another government-enforced period of restricted access to dentistry appears to be unlikely.  Our current protocols and PPE levels were introduced whilst in COVID alert status level 4, have been tested by operating safely for several months, and have not been relaxed despite the COVID Alert Status changing during that time. This means we are still able to offer the same level of service in the safest possible way for our staff and patients.

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