General Dentistry

Our Services

We offer a full range of general dental services at Wigginton Dental Practice.  These include regular examinations, diagnosis and advice, treatment planning, preventive case and advice, and repair or replacement of decayed and damaged teeth.

Routine Examinations

We typically encourage you to attend a routine examination twice a year.  Most people see their dentist more than any other healthcare professional and we know how important it is to build a trusting relationship with someone who knows you and can adopt a preventive care approach with the right advice just for you.  Our dentists will often see several generations of the same family with relationships stretching back many years.  At Wigginton Dental Practice you will always have your own named dentist and will always be able to see that dentist for routine examinations and treatment.  If any problems are identified we will talk through the available solutions.  A treatment plan will always be provided – and if any costs are involved then they will be clear so that you fully understand the options available to you.

Modern Dentistry

Modern dentistry is not simply about fixing tooth decay; it is also understanding peoples concerns and preferences and offering choice.  We pride ourselves on providing care in a modern and friendly environment.  There is ongoing investment into our equipment, our dental surgeries and our team to help ensure a consistent high level of service.  Repairs to teeth can now often be done using aesthetic materials such as tooth coloured composite resin.  They can be used in the front teeth to replicate a natural tooth and also in the back teeth on the biting surfaces.

Nervous Patients

We completely understand that you may feel nervous about visiting a dentist or receiving dental treatment.  This may be because of an ongoing fear, or a previous negative experience in a previous setting.  Wigginton Dental Practice is designed to offer you a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment.  Every member of our team has received training in how to help our more nervous patients relax.  Please do let us know if dental anxiety is a concern for you – helping nervous patients to become confident and relaxed by getting to know their own dentist and building trust and confidence is something we love to do.

Composite resin can make repairs almost invisible…

Back tooth before dental composite filling placement
Back tooth after dental composite filling placement
Front tooth before white filling placement
Front tooth after composite filling placement to improve appearance