Apart But Still Together
5 May 2020
Coronavirus: Clicke Here for Practice Information

Dental Treatment during the Coronavirus Outbreak:

  • We are still available every day for advice by telephone on 01904 764539. We are able to provide advice for the relief of dental problems such as swelling or pain and may be able to provide medication to relieve pain and infection.
  • We will be delaying all non-urgent dental treatment and routine care in line with current guidelines until we are able to resume. Don’t worry, you will not miss out on any of the dental care you need. Once we’re back to normal, we will be increasing the number of clinics we run to catch-up on any postponed appointments
  • Urgent Dental Care Centres offering a limited range of treatment only for dental emergencies that cannot be managed by the measures above are in place.  We are able to refer you for treatment there if required.
  • Our home community is really important to us. If you or someone you know is isolating and needs assistance getting essentials or anything else, please call the reception team and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Denplan Scheme and Coronavirus

As mentioned above we will make sure that regular service resumes as quickly as it possibly can. At that point we will be running extra sessions and extended sessions so that everybody will get their regular care that is included in their plan.

We would strongly suggest calling the practice to discuss your options if you have financial concerns or are considering cancelling your membership in order to rejoin later, as this may leave you exposed to future dental costs before you can rejoin the scheme.

Updated 5th May

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