Looking for an NHS dentist?

We offer a high quality alternative to NHS dentistry

Wigginton Dental Practice decided back in 2006 that it could not provide the high quality general and prevention-focused dental care that people wanted while remaining in the NHS dental system. Since then we have been able to offer a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry with NHS care still available to under 18s only. The benefits of what we can offer versus an NHS Dentist include greater flexibility in appointment availablilty with no restrictions on how many people we can see, how quickly we can see them, or how long we spend with them. You do not have to be already registered with us to access our services.

Most of our existing patients have previously visited NHS dental practice, but have chosen to make the switch to the greater range, choice and flexibility that we can offer. Our monthly payment plans are carefully designed to make high quality private dentistry affordable to as many people as possible by spreading the cost of dentistry over the year and completely avoiding large bills. It surprises many people to know that three months of full private dental cover could cost less than a single NHS filling.

Please do have a look around our website for more information and contact our reception team if you need any help. If you fill in the form on this page, they can answer any questions that you have.

Front of Wigginton Dental Practice with business sign in garden